Organic naked blend 50mls

Organic naked blend 50mls

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The stone + elk 'naked' blend is a 100% pure, plant-derived and organic blend of ancient plants, all specifically studied to hit multiple skin issues; the natural and organic way without the 'nasties'. This is our 'all in one' blend with floral notes of lavender and geranium calming the nerves and the skin.

This has been trialed and tested to replace moisturises, toners and primers.


’Naked’ is crafted for the 4 ‘anti’s’
• anti-bacterial
• anti-aging
• anti-inflammatory
• anti-oxidant

Whilst deeply moisturising and promoting skin regeneration 🍂

• Reduces redness, fine lines and scarring
• Reduces blemishes, breakouts and acne
• Penetrates and cleanses into layers of the skin rather then leaving an oily film on the top 

Aroma notes: First impressions will be floral and lavender, with a sweet touch of citrus. The aroma is clean and fresh smelling. Almost like you have just bathed in a clean pond of organic essential oils. 


Comes with stone + elk calico travel pouch

  • Ingredients

    Jojoba Oil*, Camellia Oil*, Rosehip Oil*, Mandarin Oil^, Geranium*, Lavender*... and nothing else. (*denotes certified organic, ^denotes pure un-refined)

    • How to use

      Cleanse skin prior + dry. Shake well before use. Apply 4-6 drops onto clean hands, massaging into the skin in a circular motion. Best used morning and night.

      Can be used on face, neck, chest, tummy, hands and body.

      Can also be used underneath make-up as it layers the pores and makes for the perfect primer.

      Please give at least 2 weeks to start seeing optimal, unbelievably, life-changing results!